Capt. Bret Gilliam has had a career spanning over 47 years in all phases of professional diving, watersports, maritime/shipping, underwater filming and emergency hyperbaric medical operations. Licensed as a Merchant Marine Master for over four decades as well as holding top credentials in diving, he is extensively published and appears as a top public speaker for conferences and symposia in these fields. He is considered one of diving’s pioneers and led the industry’s evolution and growth from 1971 into the new millennium. He was inducted as a Fellow National member of the elite Explorer’s Club and the Diving Hall of Fame for his career contributions to safety and education. Widely sought as an expert witness and litigation strategist in diving, watersports, maritime, shipping, crewing, safety protocols and emergency medical response, he has appeared in over 340 legal cases since 1973 in the U.S. and international court systems. His work is nearly evenly divided between plaintiffs and defense files.

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